Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas - 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Raindrops on Roses

While wandering around Blog-land one day, I discovered Chatting at the Sky and it quickly became one of my favorite places to visit. Today, Emily is encouraging us to celebrate the small things, to "unwrap the gift of the everyday." You can participate or read what others have to say by clicking the button below.

One of my favorite movies when I was a young girl, and one that I watched over and over again, was The Sound of Music. In one glorious, Technicolor scene, a violent storm raged in the Austrian countryside. The frightened Von Trapp children had run to Maria’s room, knowing that she would make them feel safe because she was the absolute most wonderful nanny in the world, (except for Mary Poppins, who was practically perfect in every way.) She taught them, in song, of course, that the bad times won’t seem quite so bad if you remember your favorite things; the little every day things that bring you joy.

We all have our stormy times, days that seem to go from bad to worse. And even more worse! But if we look, we’ll find that there are little pockets of sunshine all around us and all we have to do is reach in a grab some. Here, in no particular order, are my little pockets of sunshine, the everyday joys that help me through my everyday storms:

Polka Dots

Big puffy clouds

A big ol’ golden maple tree backlit by a setting, early November sun

Mail - email or real mail. I just love getting mail.

Hugs and kisses from Gracie, my 60+ pound puppy - the hugs can be painful and the kisses are really sloppy, but they make me feel loved.

The sound of the heat running - On cold nights, when I’m all snuggled up in my bed and I hear the heat turn on, it makes me feel secure, content that everything’s ok.

Standing outside on a breezy early spring day - I like to tilt my head back and look toward the sun, squeezing my eyes tightly shut so I can see all the little red squigglies that happen when you do that.

Percy’s purring - he’s our wildish kitty, who must have lived with some bad people before he came to our house and he didn’t purr for a long time. So when he does, it makes me happy for him.

Water - lakes, rivers, puddles, oceans, streams. rain. I just love water.

Kudzu - I like it. I just do. (As long as it grows in somebody else’s yard!) They tell me that it blooms and that the blossoms are edible. I’ve never seen a kudzu blossom, but I’d bet that I’d like it, too.

Raindrops on a windshield

JD3’s or Anna’s number on caller ID

Yarn - especially big balls of soft, red yarn

Baby lips

The Smell of clean laundry

Engagement ring rainbows - like when I’m riding in the car and the sun catches my ring and makes little rainbows all over the dashboard and the top of the car.

Hearing JD3 playing guitar and singing a song he knows I like

Looking at the Christmas tree with my glasses off

Cows - not the cute little black and white collectible kind, but the fawn colored ones that looks so soft and have those big, wet eyes. I love to see a whole bunch of them standing on a hill just doing what cows do.

Full moons - even better if they're shining on water!

Picket fences - especially if they have pansies or daisies planted in front of them.

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